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TROGAMID®—the protective shield

TROGAMID® molding compounds combine permanent transparency with good UV resistance, high mechanical toughness, and excellent resistance to chemicals, aggressive lubricants, and cleaning agents. This is why they are in demand in all applications where these properties offer added value, such as inspection glasses for flowmeters, and lenses for sports glasses and sunglasses.

Rigorously tested

Sunlight, heat, mechanical impact, cosmetics, and other chemicals have no effect on TROGAMID® surfaces. These are, and remain, of high quality.

high durability

Transparency is often a plus for relays and switches. When made from TROGAMID® these can also be reliably and permanently labeled by laser.

Controlled flow

TROGAMID® molding compounds are the source material for many components that keep things well regulated and flowing smoothly, even under high pressure.

Beautifully styled

Functional as well as stylish, TROGAMID® CX eyeglasses do a perfect job and are at the top of the fashion stakes. The material offers the designer hitherto undreamed of possibilities.

Well camouflaged

Evonik offers high-performance materials for high-performance applications. TROGAMID® is one of them. Discover its added value for sports on our own sports website.


In addition to safe and easy handling and the required mechanical properties, the optical transparency of parts is often of extraordinary importance in medicine. TROGAMID® Care compounds ensure this even when exposed to drugs and cleaning agents.