TROGAMID® in machinery and appliances

Transparency and chemical resistance are the outstanding properties of all TROGAMID® molding compounds in various applications in machine and equipment manufacture.

Applications of TROGAMID® in machinery and appliances are

  • filter cups for water, fuels, and compressed air
  • flow meters
  • liquid-level indicators
  • battery seals
  • covers and housings
  • windows and inspection glasses
  • valve blocks and common control blocks for dispensing and metering equipment
  • guide rails

Filter cups

For domestic water filters or compressed air service units, our TROGAMID® CX molding compounds offer the requisite safety for both short-term and dynamic stress; the requirement is a load-bearing capacity three times of that under actual operating conditions, a distinction being made here between static stress (a short-term test of internal pressure resistance, or burst pressure) and dynamic load capacity (number of load cycles). These molding compounds also have outstanding transparency and extraordinarily high chemical resistance to oils and greases.