TROGAMID® in electrics and electronics

An extraordinary combination of insulating properties, high glow wire resistance, high heat deflection temperature, self-extinguishing behavior, creep resistance, high durability, and transparency make TROGAMID® compounds uniquely suitable for electrical applications.

How TROGAMID® CX makes sports watches almost indestructible

TROGAMID® compounds comply with a number of specifications and regulations for increased fire resistance and reduced fire risk without using halogen-containing or other flame retardants. Various TROGAMID® grades meet Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (USA) ratings for flame retardant behavior under Subject 94 and for maximum continuous working temperature under Subject 746B (relative temperature index, RTI). The ratings refer to the compounds themselves; molded parts and equipment require separate authorization. The use of flame retardants is of course also possible.

Versatile in application

For many years TROGAMID® molding compounds have been proven and tested materials for the electrical and electronics industries, which are always facing new challenges in

  • switchgears
  • electric installations
  • housings, including high-voltage switch housings
  • cable glands
  • battery seals
  • push buttons and keys
  • terminal blocks
  • switch, relay, and counter housings
  • gear wheels and racks

Indelible marking

Transparency is often a plus for relays and switches. When made from TROGAMID® , these can also be permanently marked by laser. Product labeling, whether of quality- or production-related information, and whether in cursive writing or as a data code, is achieved with extremely high reliability. Mistakes and forgeries are virtually impossible. For further information please contact us.