Unique - TROGAMID® CX 

Transparent and crystalline

Commonly available transparent polyamides consist of partly aromatic units that lend high rigidity and heat resistance. Substitution of the aromatic components with aliphatic monomers results in transparent polyamides with inherently better UV resistance. TROGAMID® CX compounds belong to this product group.

TROGAMID® CX transparent polyamide

Thanks to systematic selection of monomers, TROGAMID® CX is a crystallizable and permanently transparent polyamide. The crystallites are so small that they do not scatter visible light. The material thus appears transparent to the human eye, a property known as microcrystallinity.

The microcrystalline structure has the advantage that the positive properties arising from crystallinity, such as stress-cracking resistance, are retained without clouding of the material. The crystalline proportion is so low, however, that it does not negatively impact the shrinkage behavior of the molded part; the isotropic shrinkage behavior observed in amorphous materials is retained in TROGAMID® CX. The material combines the chemical resistance of semicrystalline molding compounds with the advantages of amorphous, UV-resistant molding compounds.

  • Crystal clarity and permanent transparency, with high transmission (92%)
  • Outstanding chemical and stress-cracking resistance
  • High dynamic strength (number of load cycles)
  • Hery high toughness, even at low temperatures
  • Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance
  • Very low isotropic shrinkage

The product range allows a large variety of applications and meets various requirements profiles. Other products, such as colored grades and those offering transparent laser marking, are available on request.


For optical applications such as lenses for sports glasses and sunglasses, we offer compounds named TROGAMID® myCX of particularly high purity, which are subjected to strict and specially designed quality checks. The refractive index of this material is 1.516.

TROGAMID® CX 7323 - a transparent material alternative for the food industry

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Evonik's microcrystalline polyamide TROGAMID® CX 7323 for food contact.