Transparent Nylons

TROGAMID® Care grades represent a range of both amorphous and microcrystallinetransparent polyamides for processing via extrusion or injection molding.

Microcrystalline TROGAMID

MX is the material of choice for applications dealing with pharmaceutical formulations, lipids or aggressive disinfectants, since it exhibits an exceptional resistance towards chemicals and stress-cracking. Examples include fl uid and drug delivery equipment such as stopcocks, dialyzer parts, housings, covers or hearing aids.

Amorphous TROGAMID

MT, with high mechanical stability, is a material to use in applications requiring a high modulus, but retaining impact resistance which includes e.g. surgical handles, parts for monitoring and imaging devices or durable medical equipment. It comprises one of the highest tensile moduli compared to other transparent polyamides.


  • High transparency

  • High chemical resistance 

  • Very good stress crack resistance 

  • UV resistance 

  • High dynamic load-bearing capacity 

  • Easy processability & colorability 

  • Free of BPA 

  • Gamma, autoclave, and EtO sterilizable

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